FREE E-BOOK: Our Top 36 Recommended International Health Placements In East Africa

36 Of The Top Global Health Placements We Recommend in East Africa



36 Placements Spread Across 8 African Countries

This guide comprehensively lists 36 of the very best placements we have worked with across East Africa in 8 different countries across the region.


Wide Variety, Rich Selection of Placements

A wide variety of placements ideal for a diverse field of specialities ideal for students, researchers and volunteers.


Diverse Backgrounds and Environments

These placements cover a broad range of environments ranging from rural to urban, homogeneous to cosmopolitan; and a broad range of resource backgrounds from resource-poor to privately-funded, public to quasi-private institutions.



We provide this resource in partnership with Medical Electives East Africa for students who want to self-organize and are looking for strong placement options


Quick Reference and Contacts

The publication gives quick reference guide to each placement with expected costs, living conditions and placement information including coordinators contacts.

What Others Have Said About Us

Your compliments mean the world to us!

I took my elective in two separate locations; one in Nairobi,  Kenya, the other in Ndejje, Uganda via Student Exchange Africa and Community and Family Health Initiative, an NGO in Uganda, taking a  two-week travel intermission between the two sites. The travel experience surpassed my expectations. My Travel Coordinator was just exceptional at organizing everything for me!
Andrea Oelscheleg

Medical Student, Health School Hildegard, AUSTRIA

Both Lizzie and I couldn’t have asked for more. David and Victor were really helpful right from our arrival through to organizing and coordinating our work and travel arrangements; helping settle us into our daily routine, internet and phone service, banking and so much more. They even assisted us to run errands. It was really great to have someone there to ease into a new environment and help us find our feet.
Lizzie Connor and Georgiana Stanton

Medical Student, University of Notre Dame | AUSTRALIA

This was a great experience for us and we had the most amazing time in Kenya! We had a lot of doubts coming to Kenya but the trip was so well coordinated that we always felt so comfortable. We were very keen to travel widely besides the opportunity to work in the hospital and volunteer in the community and we got to do all this and much more! I am most grateful to John and David who were our TA’s – you guys rock!
Stephan Becker, Marco Augart, Robert Stade

University of Heidelberg, GERMANY

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